If you’re a homeowner who is concerned about getting the best value, you’re likely aware of the various upgrades you can make to help it look its best. From lifelike wood grain details to dozens of color options, there is simply no comparison to the impact that siding makes on your home. But is new house siding a good investment?

Great news: vinyl siding is a good investment in nearly every area of the country. In fact, the return on investment of this upgrade is one of the highest in the nation. With all the exterior options available to you today, vinyl is perhaps the best in terms of quality, aesthetic selection, and value. When you want more for your money and the best investment possible, here is how vinyl siding can make it happen.

Dramatically Increase Curb Appeal

Perhaps the most appealing part of new exterior is the dramatic increase in curb appeal. When your home is looking dull and drab, vinyl can quickly take your home’s appearance to the next level. Old siding often fades and leaves your home looking older than it is. Furthermore, wood siding is a hassle to maintain and can greatly diminish the look of your home.

Assist with Energy Savings

Are you feeling the pinch in your wallet from high energy bills? You aren’t alone. The cost of heating is higher than ever, but new siding replacement can help.

This is especially true when you choose insulated siding panels with house wrap. These products provide a protective barrier against the elements. Meanwhile, they also help to cut down on drafts and prevent heat loss through the wood studs.

Increase the Value of Your Home

The good news is that siding installation does a lot more than increase your curb appeal. Yes, you can increase the value of your home with new siding. Keep in mind that new siding also has a great return on investment---roughly 67.2%.

It’s also important to remember that the quality of your new exterior greatly impacts your return on investment. While cheap exterior can give your home a quick facelift, it won’t necessarily offer the same value as premium products.

Maximizing Return on Investment

This is where Tennessee Thermal changes the game. We provide quality products with expert installation, offering you many years of beautiful siding that performs through each season. Select from an array of stunning colors, energy efficient panels, and top-of-the-line materials to increase lifespan.

Don’t settle for an inferior exterior. Contact Tennessee Thermal to learn how you can get the very best investment for your siding project.