We all know that old windows are leaky and inefficient but still so many homeowners are holding onto them, which negatively affects the energy efficiency of their home. Old and inefficient windows were typically constructed at a time when no one really knew much about energy efficiency. This means windows were cranked out at record speeds and homeowners thought they were making a pretty good investment. Sure, they looked shiny and new but these particular replacement windows were anything but energy efficient. So, your neighbors handed out compliments on your new windows but as soon as you received your first energy bill you were taken aback!

The good news is that if you choose a solid and reputable window company like us here at Tennessee Thermal, you will never have to deal with this reality. The fact of the matter is that some companies offer some windows that are energy efficient, and some that are not so you never know what you’re getting. Fortunately, we do not do business like that so no matter what window style you choose, you can be certain it’ll be energy efficient. In short, if it has the Tennessee Thermal name on it, it is extremely energy efficient.

Aside from being energy efficient, some other benefits of our windows include the fact that they are extremely durable. Our windows use spacers that are made using foam construction. This is a big plus because foam can take much more stress that metal can, making your windows much more durable. Our windows also include sashes that open on both sides, which allows you to enjoy maximum ventilation. On top of that, our replacement windows infuse a technology that reduces condensation, which reduces the growth of mildew and dangerous mild. Our smart windows are also very easy to keep clean and sparkling. Simply put, our energy efficient windows will keep your home cool in the hot summer and toasty warm in the cold winter months. Plus, you will love how much energy you will be saving each and every month! Proudly serving Nashville and throughout the great state of Tennessee, we here at Tennessee Thermal would love nothing more than to show you why our customers choose us over all those other window companies out there!