Is your home too hot in the summer? Too cold in the winter? Sucking money right from your bank account? Let’s face it---inefficient windows are a real drag. The good news is that you can give your home an energy-savings overhaul with the following advice:

1. Invest in Quality Windows with Virgin Vinyl Frames

When you’re looking for energy efficient replacement windows, one of the first considerations is the quality of the window. But does quality really matter when it comes to saving energy? You bet!

When the windows are engineered with quality vinyl frames, they’ll last for decades while keeping your home comfortable. Choose windows crafted with virgin vinyl frames and foam insulation inside for the best results.

2. Choose Energy-Star Rated Windows

While we can go into a lot of technical jargon, it’s easier to provide the following advice: invest in windows that are certified by Energy Star. This is a government-backed program that rates the efficiency of your exterior remodeling products.

Why is this certification important? It demonstrates that you’re making a smart investment with window replacement. It’s also proof that your windows are designed to help save on energy bills and keep your home comfortable all year long.

3. Overhaul Your Curb Appeal

Energy efficient replacement windows are incredible for improving home performance. But let’s not forget their power when it comes to transforming your curb appeal.

There are many ways that new windows will make a difference in the appearance of your home. First, replacing outdated wood windows with bright white vinyl frames will make an eye-popping difference. However, there are additional frame color options instead of white. Best of all, you never need to worry about sanding, staining, or painting.

You also get many different window styles to choose from, including double hung, casement, bay and bow, picture windows, and modern slider windows.

Get Energy Efficient Windows from Tennessee Thermal

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