There are more choices now than ever to upgrade your exterior. This is especially the case when it comes to house siding, and it’s the perfect choice for boosting curb appeal, improving home value, and even reducing energy costs.

If you’re yearning for an exterior that looks beautiful and unique without maintenance, we have good news for you. Vinyl siding installation is one of the most versatile siding options on the market, and there are nearly endless ways to maximize its style.

Choose a Low-Maintenance Yet Beautiful Material

Wood is a traditional siding option that can add warmth to the home, but it requires a lot of upkeep with sanding, staining, and painting. Wood siding is prone to rot and can cost homeowners headaches as well as significant money in repairs.

But is there really a material that is easy to maintain and looks beautiful to boot?

Yes! For a unique and stunning exterior, consider vinyl. Vinyl siding, especially 100% virgin vinyl, is an exquisite exterior upgrade that adds oomph to the home. It will not fade, crack, or peel from the elements.

Consider the Fine Details

Craftsmanship is exceptionally important when it comes to new house siding. High quality vinyl siding features panels that include lifelike wood grain patterns that make anyone take a second look. You can see the difference and feel the texture when stacked against low-end vinyl siding. This gives you the look of wood siding without the hassle of maintenance.

Create the Ultimate Spring Curb Appeal Impression with Color

Color makes all the difference with a home’s exterior. It sets the tone for the rest of your home and adds exceptional personality to the home.

You can choose the best color for your home by:

  • Considering the neighborhood and choosing a similar color palette. However, you can set yourself apart by choosing accent trim colors.
  • The size of your home can determine the impact of a specific color. If your home is large, you might want to think carefully about choosing a very dark siding color---which can make it feel overpowering.
  • Consider how your favorite siding looks at different times of the day.
  • Choose a siding color that complements or contrasts with your roof.

Highlight Interesting Architecture on Your Home

Siding isn’t only intended to cover the exterior. While this is its basic function, now is the time to use window gables and eave edges for unique curb appeal.

For example, vinyl scallops add character to any home. They are modeled after wood scallops from centuries ago, which were designed to make homes look elegant and ornate. Today’s vinyl scallops look as beautiful as the real deal and even include wood grain texture.

It’s easy to get timeless beauty with maintenance-free vinyl siding. Homeowners are encouraged to contact us for a free estimate, allowing for an easy siding cleaning experience for many years to come. Contact TN Thermal today for a quote on maintenance-free vinyl siding.