A new year is here and many of us are working on goals. Home remodeling can make an excellent resolution for the function of your space and even your quality of life. This is especially true for bathroom remodeling, as walk-in baths and other bathroom accessibility products allow for a new independence.

In 2022, consider these 3 bathroom safety resolutions.

1. Reduce the Risk of Falls with Walk-in Bathtubs

When it is difficult to get into the tub and out of it, bathroom accessibility products can prevent injury for all ages.

Nearly 10% of falls occur while getting out of the tub, as compared to roughly 2% while getting out of the bathtub. Bruises, cuts, and scrapes are common injuries from slips and falls in or around the bathtub.

Walk-in bathtubs are a great solution for people who have difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub. Since they are designed to allow users to step directly into the tub, you can walk right in with peace of mind. This eliminates the need to crawl over the tub, which reduces the risk of slips and falls.

2. Keep Steady with Grab Bars in Showers

With bathroom accessibility products such as grab bars, there is no need to worry about slips and falls. If bathroom safety is a resolution for you this year, you won’t want to forget about grab bar installation.

There is a wide range of lengths and styles of grab bars. They are available in lengths ranging from 9 to 42 inches. They are also available in various shapes and finishes. With these products, you don’t have to feel stuck with a sterile appearance. They can blend with your decor and serve as a functional component of bathroom remodeling.

3. Prevent Mold and Mildew Growth

It’s no secret that mold growth can have health consequences, especially in terms of respiratory functioning. But what does this have to do with walk-in bathtubs?

Our walk-in baths are made from some of the most durable materials available. They won't chip, crack, or peel. Furthermore, our walk-in bathtubs are non-porous, which means mold and mildew can't adhere to them. Enjoy a beautiful, easy-to-maintain walk-in bath for a lifetime all without the worry of mold growth.

From reducing the risk of injury to mold growth prevention, these are only a few resolutions that can enhance your bathroom and quality of life. To promote safety, our walk-in baths and accessibility products feature quality materials. TN Thermal supplies walk-in tubs throughout Tennessee and Alabama. To add accessibility to your bathroom, contact us today.