The fall season is here and we are approaching the holidays. While many of us are thinking about decorating the interior and even exterior of our home, there is one major component that makes a difference in curb appeal as well as home performance: your house siding.

While most homeowners choose to replace exterior products such as vinyl siding in the summer, the fact is that fall is a fantastic season for siding installation. Vinyl house siding comes with an array of methods, including increased curb appeal and even improved on performance.

Let’s discuss the reasons why fall is a great time to replace your house siding.

Create A Moisture Proof Barrier

The winter season brings along all kinds of elements, ranging from freezing rain to snow and slush. These elements can easily take a toll on the exterior of your home, putting a damper on its appearance as well as performance.

Vinyl siding installation is the fix for when you need a moisture proof house siding. The materials are water resistant and withstand nearly all the elements.

Meanwhile, the house wrap underneath the vinyl siding creates an additional weatherproof barrier. It does not allow moisture to penetrate through the exterior walls and result in problems such as rot.

Reduce Heat Loss

If you were concerned about heat loss in the winter, vinyl siding can help. This is especially important as fuel prices are at an all-time high, with some heating bills expected to double over the winter season.

Insulated vinyl siding can help keep a comfortable home and energy bills and check. Once cooler weather arrives in the winter season, you can stress a little less about high utility bills.

Beautify Your Curb Appeal

Who knew that such a protective barrier can also look so beautiful? New vinyl siding is an exciting way to bring new life to the exterior of your home. Every time you pull up to your driveway, it’s hard to not admire the aesthetic detail and craftsmanship of vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding also comes in an array of beautiful colors, ranging from contemporary to traditional. No matter the architectural style of your home, vinyl is a suitable cladding.

Best of all, once winter thaws in the seasons of spring arrives, you will be ahead of the game with the most beautiful house on the block. Contact us today to get a free quote on new vinyl siding.