You’re shopping around for new replacement windows and notice an array of materials, shapes, and styles to choose from. One prominent difference between windows you may find is single vs double hung windows. But what’s the difference?

Understanding Window Sashes

To understand the difference between single hung vs. double hung windows, you must first understand window sashes. But what is a window sash?

A window sash is a part of the window that moves or opens for ventilation. It also holds glass panes securely in place.

The type of sash you encounter depends on the style of window and question. For example, a slider window usually only has one operable sash. For this instance, we will discuss double hung windows along with single hung.

When it comes to the terminology of single hung and double hung, the difference comes down to the movement of the sashes.

What is a Single Hung Window?

A single hung window has a fixed sash that moves up and down vertically. It can look very similar to a double hung window, except the sash doesn’t move.

However, the bottom sash is where a single hung window provides ventilation. Simply slide up the sash and enjoy the fresh breeze. Remember, single hung windows are not fixed windows---those are window styles that do not open at all.

What is a Double Hung Window?

A double hung window is the most popular window style in America. It blends with a large variety of architectures and brings functionality as well as style.

The big difference between single vs double hung windows is that the double hung has two operable sashes. Both the top sash and the bottom sash open to ventilate your home.

Not only are double hung windows great for ventilation, but they are also maintenance-free and stylish. This is especially the case if you choose double hung windows engineered from quality vinyl.

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