Customizing your lifestyle is important for many walks of life. When it comes to your bathroom, it’s essential that this area remains as safe as possible. This can mean customizing it with accessibility features for your or a loved one’s personal needs.

Adding accessibility to bathrooms is a smart upgrade that can prevent serious injury and even save lives. In fact, over 80% of bathroom injuries are from slips and falls.

This is what to consider if you think you need accessibility to your bathroom.

Help Getting in and Out of the Tub

If there is a struggle of getting in and out of the tub, this is a major sign that accessibility is needed in the bathroom.

While roughly 2% of falls happen while getting out of the bathtub, nearly 10% happen while getting out of the tub. These injuries can include scrapes, cuts, and bruises.

A walk-in bathtub can be a great solution when there is a struggle to get in and out of the bathtub. This is because they are designed to allow for someone to step directly into the tub. There is no need to crawl over the tub, posing a safety risk of slips and falls.

Desire to Gain or Maintain Independence

Independence is important for many, especially when it involves activities in the bathroom. However, when safety is at risk, supervision might be necessary.

When it comes to bathroom accessibility, it allows for people to maintain their independence as well as privacy.

Grab bars allow seniors to step carefully into a bathtub or walk-in shower. If the floor tile is wet, it serves as a safety device when it comes to preventing slips and falls.

Meanwhile, low level shower access trays make it much easier to gain entry into the shower.

Assisting with Limited Mobility

Whether it’s a bout of arthritis or disability, it can be difficult to move around the bathroom as desired. This is especially true when bathing, which can be painful for some.

If it’s painful or impossible to stand for long periods in the shower, there is help to assist with limited mobility. A low step-in threshold can make movement easier. Meanwhile, a shower chair at a comfortable height can take pressure off joints while reducing pain levels.

Fulfilling the Need for Safe and High-Quality Products

Walk-in baths and accessibility products are designed with quality materials to promote safety. Tennessee Thermal offers walk-in tubs throughout Middle Tennessee and Alabama. Contact us now if you need accessibility added to your bathroom.