It’s fall. Leaves are changing and cold weather is coming. Your home maintenance task list might feel like a mile long, but now isn’t the time to ignore outdated windows. If your windows are in the realm of 15 years old or more, you likely need new windows this fall---and here’s why.

Old Windows are Drafty

One of the biggest issues of old house windows is drafts. Drafts are primary culprits for allowing energy to escape, especially when you are trying to keep heat indoors. You’ll typically find drafts around the frame, sash, sill, and where the sash meets the sill.


Window replacement will ensure that those drafts don’t ruin the comfort of your home this fall.

Provides Proper Protection from the Elements

Not only will window installation reduce drafts, but it also provides protection from the elements.


When air can get inside your drafty windows, there is a good chance that moisture will make it through. During the fall, this is a big consideration especially when cold and dampness is around the corner. This moisture can lead to peeling or chipping paint on the window sills as well as interior walls.

Prevents Heat Transfer

No one wants to turn on the heat for it to transfer through the glass. If you have old single pane windows, this is certainly a possibility. This can also happen if your house windows don’t contain argon or krypton gas inside the panes.


The fix is to choose energy efficient windows with these inert gases. These gases will prevent heat from escaping through the glass, keeping your home cozy until spring.

Improves Home Performance

Overall, new window installation in the fall can improve your home’s performance. This means your home will stay warmer in the winter and your energy bills can remain low. Not only does this translate to financial benefits, but it improves your quality of life.

Get New Home Windows Now

Now is the time to invest in window replacement. Homeowners can benefit from new vinyl windows for all kinds of reasons, and you’re bound to fall in love with your home all over again. Contact Tennessee Thermal today for a free estimate.