Did you know that vinyl siding provides one of the best returns on investments in the home remodeling industry? The latest Cost vs. Value report revealed that vinyl siding provides a 74.7% ROI!

However, not all home siding yields the same return. There are several factors to consider when you’re concerned about getting the best value possible.


1. High Quality Materials

Quality vinyl siding replacement brings the best value for any homeowner. Typically, thicker vinyl siding panels are better quality since they are better able to withstand weather and strong winds.

High-quality vinyl also ensures that cosmetic problems don’t pop up over the years. Since vinyl is moisture resistant, it won’t peel or rot from moisture exposure.


2. Insulated Siding

When you choose insulated vinyl siding replacement, you can experience greater energy savings and even sound reduction! In fact, homeowners can experience roughly 5% energy savings when opting for insulated siding.


3. Lifelike Wood Siding Appearance

While wood siding is classic and beautiful, it simply doesn’t stack up against vinyl exterior. Vinyl siding bridges the gap between the beauty of wood and low maintenance home siding. The best quality vinyl will include lifelike wood grain details that give the appearance of real wood siding---all without the excessive upkeep!


4. Professional Installation

No matter the appearance of your new siding upgrade, it’s important to opt for professional installation. Even the highest quality siding won’t perform properly or look as beautiful without professional installation.


5. Warranty

All vinyl siding should include a reliable warranty. From performance to beauty, a trustworthy warranty can provide you with the extra confidence you mean to make the best upgrade for your exterior.


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