Now that spring has arrived and the bitter cold of winter is behind us, many of us open our windows to let in the nice breeze, only to find window damage from the harsh winter. Perhaps the frames are damaged, the glass is cracked, or the windows are hard to open. Whatever the case it may be time to replace those old windows. And here at Tennessee Thermal we wanted to take a moment to share 4 reasons to get new windows this spring. Spring temperatures, rain, longer days, and lower energy costs are just a few reasons why spring is the best time to replace the windows on your home.

Spring Temperatures

Installing new windows exposes your home to the elements while the old windows are taken out and the new windows are being installed. For this reason, most window companies recommend replacing old windows in the springtime. The moderate temperatures of spring will help keep your home a comfortable temperature during the replacement process. Plus, installations are typically completed in a faster time frame because of the favorable temperatures and weather conditions.


The temperatures in the fall are typically the same as in the spring. Raising the question, why should homeowners replace windows in the spring instead of the fall? Rainfall occurs more frequently during the fall months than it does in the spring, which can lead to longer installation times. But during the spring, days are often drier for longer periods of time. Making spring the perfect time to have new windows installed.

Longer Days

Installing windows during the fall and winter months can present some challenges. For instance, days are shorter during these seasons meaning that installers will have less hours of daylight to complete the project. However, in the spring and summer the sun is up for a few more hours in the evening, which allows crews to work for longer periods of time, ensuring that jobs are completed in a timely manner.

Lower Energy Costs

Over time the sealant around your windows can fail, creating air leaks and drafts in your home. This can cause your homes air conditioner to work overtime during the summer months, leading to increased energy costs. However, with insulated frames, new high-performance windows can help eliminate air leaks and drafts around the windows of your home, saving you energy dollars. That’s why replacing those old windows in the springtime with new windows before the summer heat arrives is a great investment.

Don’t go through another hot summer with those old windows, make the switch to beautiful high-performance replacement windows. Here at Tennessee Thermal we can help with all your window needs. And spring temperatures, rain, longer days, and lower energy costs are just a few reasons why spring is the best time to replace the windows on your home. We combine complete window replacement services with high-quality windows throughout the Nashville area. With lots of affordable options available to get a great window at a great price. Call us at 650-727-9041 to schedule your free inspection and in-home estimate. You know Tennessee Thermal; we’ve been helping homeowners with their home improvement projects since 1995.