With Winter weather not far away, those leaky windows could become a big problem for your home. Lower heating bills, getting ready for the holidays, and eliminating water damage are just a few reasons why replacing the windows on your home is a great choice. Although spring and summer are typically the peak seasons for window installations; having those old windows replaced before winter is one of the best decisions you can make for your home. Here at Tennessee Thermal we want to take a moment to share a few reasons why you should replace your windows before winter.

Lower Heating Bill

Replacing those old windows before winter is a great way to save money on your homes heating bills. As winter weather approaches those old windows can allow cold air to penetrate your home. Most windows contain a seal around the perimeter to ensure an airtight fit. But over time windows can expand and contract due to weather and humidity, causing the sealant around the perimeter to fail. After the seal has failed cool air can penetrate your home with ease and make your homes temperature impossible to regulate. Replacing those old windows before winter is a great way to save money off your homes heating bill.

Get Ready for the Holidays

Getting your home ready for the holidays can be a stressful task. With decorations, parties, and family gatherings right around the corner, the last thing you need to worry about are those old windows. That cold winter air can sneak in through those drafty windows and leave your homes temperature impossible to regulate. Eliminate old drafty windows and spend the holiday season in comfort by replacing those windows before winter. It’s the perfect way to get your home ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Eliminate Damage

With the busy seasons of spring and summer coming to an end that means winter weather is right around the corner. Spring and summer showers can be prevalent, causing damage to the frames around your leaky windows. From damage to the surrounding walls, frames, and even the floors; leaking windows can lead to costly damage to your home. And if the spring and summer weather was tough on your windows, just think about what the harsh weather of winter will do. Replacing your windows before winter will also allow installers to identify where the leaks are coming from, as well as the extent of the damage. Don’t go through another winter with those old leaky windows, replace them before the ice and snow arrive.


One of the main reasons why replacing those windows before winter it’s a great decision is the temperature. As the installers take out the old windows, your home can be exposed to the cold temperatures of winter for long periods of time. This can be detrimental to the comfort of your home and cause your heating system to work overtime. However, scheduling your window installation before the harsh winter weather sets in can be beneficial in maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout your home.

Make a great investment by replacing your windows before winter. Here at Tennessee Thermal we can help with all your window needs. We combine complete window replacement services with high-quality windows throughout the Nashville area. With lots of affordable options avaliable you can get a great window at a great price. Call us at 650-727-9041 to schedule your free inspection and in-home estimate. We’ve been helping homeowners with their home improvement projects since 1995.