Here at Tennessee Thermal we would like to take a moment to share some helpful benefits of owning a Walk-In Tub. Walk-In Tubs come equipped with multiple benefits to make your life easier. Easy access doors, relaxing hydrotherapy, shower features, and helping to maintain bathing independence are just a few of the many benefits of owning a Walk-In Tub. With our custom-built Walk-In Tubs, you can incorporate all these benefits and more, right in the comfort of your own home!

Combating Limited Mobility

Is it difficult for you to get in and out of the tub? Has bathing become a strenuous task? If your mobility is problematic, a custom-built Walk-In Tub can be a great solution to your bathing needs. Some people merely have problems climbing in and out of the high edge conventional tubs. While others have trouble standing during a shower and must use a shower seat. But a custom walk-in tub can quickly eliminate all these problems. With a low step threshold and easy access door, getting in and out of a new walk-in tub is safe and easy. You can walk right in and sit down. With safety always being a big concern when it comes to bathing, safety seats and grab bars are featured for security and peace of mind while bathing.

Relaxing Hydrotherapy

There is a reason why seniors do exercises in swimming pools and most athletes soak in deep tubs after a game. That reason is hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is the use of water to relieve pain and muscle tension. So, adding therapeutic whirlpool jets to a walk-in tub is a great and relaxing way to help eliminate those aches and pains. Combining massage and warm water streams allows these hydrotherapy systems to release tight muscles and helps to eliminate stress. These units are also twice the depth of typical bathtubs, so the bather can be fully submerged instead of being limited to the depth of typical units.

Shower Features

When people think of walk-in tubs they typically forget about the bonus shower feature. Our walk-in tubs come equipped with a faucet set with an extendable shower head. The shower head can be fashioned to a riser rod, so the bather can choose to use it in the seated position or as a stand-up shower. This can be beneficial to have a dual feature walk-in tub and shower when having guests and family visit.

Maintain Bathing Independence

Taking care of personal hygiene is vital to maintaining good health, however, with the risks and dangers of shower falls and the difficulties of getting in and out of a typical bath, might have you worried about your ability to continue living on your own. A walk-in tub is your solution to taking back your bathing independence. A new walk-in tub can also help prevent injuries from occurring in the future. Plus, with our slip resistant texture, you can step into your new walk-in bath system knowing that our tub surfaces feature extra grip technology for added safety. Take back your bathing independence.

From all your friends here at Tennessee Thermal we wanted to take a moment to let you know about the benefits of walk-in tubs. With added features such as, easy access doors, relaxing hydrotherapy and shower features, to help you maintain your bathing independence. Our professionally trained installers will help you get the absolute best installation experience. If you’ve been thinking about updating that old bathtub or shower, then contact us at 650-727-9041 immediately for a job you can count on. Call today to get a free quote.