Do-it-yourself (or DIY) has become very popular since the invention of the internet. You can easily Google how do I do this? Where can I buy that? So much so that there are over 368 Million hits when you search for Do It yourself Home improvement projects. Why the craze? Well, people want to SAVE MONEY but doing it yourself doesn’t always mean you’ll get the cheapest deal. In fact, doing certain projects yourself can end up costing you more money than if you would’ve hired a pro from the start. Check out this list of 4 projects that you need to skip the DIY search on and call a professional.



Failing to install your windows properly can lead to air leaks around your window seals. This means HIGH energy bills. You’ll be practically throwing your money out the window trying to heat or cool THE OUTSIDE of your home. Not only will high energy bills be an extra expense but fixing the problem that YOU made will without a doubt be an extra cost that could have been avoided.



A siding replacement job can take a professional several weeks to finish. How long do you think it will take you?  A lot of DIYers find out that when they tackle siding, they end up biting off more than they can chew. Unless you’re a trained craftsman, you are also likely to make some cosmetic mistakes or even functional ones that can lead to your siding not insulating as well as you hoped. Poor insulation leads to cold or hot spots in your home and fluctuating energy bills. Think twice before you decide to treat your best buds to pizza and beer and have a siding replacement party.



Your exterior door is not only one of the first impressions someone will get of your home, but it is also essential for security and protection from the outside elements. Much like with replacing windows, if you install your exterior door incorrectly you leave your self-open to seal leaks. Leaks which can let your home’s heating and cooling out. Which also means unwanted elements such as rain, or even bugs can easily get inside your home. Make sure you think twice and are confident in your carpentry skills before you attempt an exterior door installation. Plus, you might be surprised at how affordable it could be by getting it done professionally.



Replacing your bathtub by yourself isn’t as simple as going to the store and saying I want that one and then putting it in your bathroom! If you’re thinking about installing a liner over your existing tub you must get the right fit. If you don’t, water can get into places where water shouldn’t go and major problems can arise.  If you’re putting in an entire tub fit is important, as well as getting the plumbing done right! Replacing a bath isn’t for the light-hearted. When in doubt call a pro!

Now, when you’ve done your homework and realize that some projects are not for the DIYer, we at Tennessee Thermal will be happy to help you get your dream bathroom, windows, siding or exterior door. We have almost 25 years of experience with happy customers in the Murfreesboro, Nashville, Clarksville, Franklin, and Middle Tennessee areas. If you want the job done right, Tennessee Thermal is right for you. Call 650-727-9041 for your FREE estimate!