As humans, we often forget just how important the little things are. We just go about our lives thinking that things are the way they are and don’t give much thought to how we can shape or mold things to our specific needs. Just like with buying a home, or even building one, we take for granted just how important windows are in a home. Not only are the physical windows important but the placement of the window is just as important.

Have you ever been in a room with a television and couldn’t see the screen well because of the harsh glare from the windows? You could add drapes or curtains to help with the glare, but moving the TV is out of the question. Why is that? Because of the placement of the windows within the room. Window placement is very important to the ambiance of your home, and the function of the room that they are in.


Natural light helps us to focus and relax. It’s in our best interest to have as much natural light available as possible. When you have the choice of where to place your windows be very mindful of which way your house faces. Windows that are placed in a room that faces either east or west are better for watching television.


Are you surrounded by an awesome view of a valley or cityscape? Or maybe the only view you have is the brick wall of your neighbor’s home. Either way, with the proper window placement you can highlight the beauty and mask the not so beautiful. If you HAD the choice, wouldn’t you put that bay window facing the sunset over the hills?


Before you place your windows consider what activities that room will be used for. A bedroom? Living room? Bathroom? The type of room is very important to what type of window you choose and where you put it. Take a bathroom for example.  More than likely you wouldn’t want to place a floor to ceiling window directly across from the shower in your bathroom.  Bathrooms call for privacy from the outside world and the windows are generally small and positioned in places where it’ll be convenient to look out of it but not so convenient for people looking in.


Placing your windows in locations for optimal ventilation can not only bring fresh air into your home but can help lower your AC bill. You’ll be able to let the natural breezes and turn off your AC to save on your energy bills. Research which direction the prevailing wind blows in the area you live in so you can install your windows accordingly.

The benefits of properly placing your windows go far beyond this article. If you want to learn more and need professional help in window placement and installation don’t hesitate to call us here at Tennessee Thermal. We have over twenty years of experience in Nashville, Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Franklin and throughout Middle Tennessee. Call us today at 650-727-9041 to see how we can help you with your window project!