Turn on any news channel and you will hear how we are experiencing higher than normal temperatures for this time of year. In other words, it's looking like we are probably in for a hot summer. With that said, it's important that your windows are energy efficient and constructed to keep the heat out in the summer. If they are not, you and your family are going to be pretty uncomfortable. Plus, you can expect some high energy bills. You see, old leaky windows are not designed to keep your cool air inside where it belongs. So, all day long your cool air escapes out the window. This results in your home being warm and muggy, which means that you keep lowering your AC. This is why you will inevitably have an uncomfortable house all summer long and high energy bills. If this sounds a little too familiar, you need to consider investing in new, energy efficient windows.

The first step you need to take is choosing an experienced and respected company that carries high quality, durable, energy efficient windows that are specially made to keep the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter. Here at Tennessee Thermal, our windows are the highest quality in the industry and are designed to keep the heat out in the hot summer months. Our windows will also keep your home nice and toasty in the cold winter months.

Tennessee Thermal windows are not only energy efficient, they are maintenance free and easy to open and clean. You will love how the sashes easily open on both sides which gives you excellent ventilation. Our windows are also made using technology that reduces condensation which in return reduces the likeliness of dangerous mold from forming. Our energy efficient windows are made from a foam construction that handles stress much more than that of metal spacers. Our smart windows are available in a large assortment including, Bay, Bow, Slider, Casement, Double Hung and Garden. They handle temperature fluctuations without affecting the comfortable temperature inside of your home. Our windows come equipped with sound absorbing foam that blocks out the noisy outdoors.

When you are ready to enjoy a cool home this summer and lower energy bills, give us a call at Tennessee Thermal. We would love to come out and show you why all of Middle Tennessee chooses us for their home improvement needs.