Are you considering a bathroom remodel? Whether it’s a fewer minor touches to make it more aesthetically pleasing, or a major overhaul to improve functionality, remodeling your bathroom can add value to your home. Remodeling bathrooms is one of the most popular options in home renovation, and people do it for many different reasons.

  • You might just want a more attractive bathroom. It’s easy for a bathroom to become dated, with tile that used to be all the rage and is now an eyesore, or builder-grade cabinetry that hasn’t stood the test of time. If you hate the whole bathroom, it may be a good idea to redo it completely. On the other hand, a more subtle update might bring your bathroom up-to-date, with the simple replacement of some fixtures and finishes.
  • Perhaps you need more storage. Bathrooms need storage, but many older bathrooms were built with minimal storage capacity. Fortunately, it’s not always necessary to knock down walls to create more space in your bathroom. The right design can make creative use of your space and provide you with optimal storage.
  • Has your situation changed? Life is made up of a series of shifts, and some of those changes warrant a bathroom renovation. Perhaps your bathroom was perfect before you had children, but now it needs an upgrade. On the other hand, you may be getting older and thinking about safety measures that will provide assistance to you now and in the future. Embrace the changes in your life, and think about creating a bathroom that works for you right now and will work for you for many years to come.
  • Is there an issue of damage that needs to be addressed? Bathrooms can be hot and humid, which makes them vulnerable to mold and mildew. Addressing this before it creates structural damage is ideal but not always possible, and you may need to consider starting over with an entirely new bathroom.
  • Maybe you want to conserve water. Your bathroom can be a real water waster, but water-saving toilets, shower heads, and faucets can help save this important natural resource. If water conservation is the goal, your best bet is to look for products that are EPA WaterSense labeled.
  • Remodeling your bathroom can up your resale value. One of the biggest reasons people upgrade their bathrooms is to raise the value of their homes so that they will sell for a better price. For a remodel to accomplish this goal, it has to have high-quality workmanship and fixtures. Take your time, consult with professionals, and plan your bathroom remodel very carefully if you want a significant return on your investment.
At Tennessee Thermal, we’ve got everything you need to create the bathroom of your dreams. We offer bath and shower systems to fit every home and budget, with a variety of accessories and colors to help you make your design your own. Whether your goal is to beautify your space or to give it more functionality, we can help. Call us at 650-727-9041 of or contact us through our website to learn more.