You spend more time in the bathroom than you probably realize. From getting ready in the morning to winding down before bed at night, the bathroom must be functional, safe and beautiful to meet your needs. If the space is lacking in some way, you could benefit from having it renovated. Here are eight telltale signs you need a bathroom remodel.

  • The layout is poorly designed: While there’s no standard layout that bathrooms must adhere to, it’s easy to spot a non-functional one. The door might hit the toilet, or the sink might be positioned under a window, leaving no place for a mirror. The area might also be so cramped that you barely have room to turn around. These poor design elements are easily remedied with a bathroom remodel.
  • There’s no storage space: If your bathroom has a pedestal sink with no shelves or cabinetry to speak of, you may find yourself pining for storage space. A new vanity, linen closet and built-in shelving should solve your problem.
  • You have outgrown the space: Perhaps you bought your home when you were single. Now you have a family, and you wish your bathroom had dual sinks and a separate bathtub and shower. Make these changes with a renovation, and your bathroom will become much more shareable.
  • The bathroom desperately needs a style upgrade: Do you cringe every time you lay eyes on the salmon-pink toilet, baby blue tiles or brown bathroom carpet? These outdated trends need to go!
  • You want to save energy: With today’s emphasis on conserving water and electricity, you have many stylish, high-performance fixtures to choose from. Remodeling the bathroom gives you a chance to install a low-flow, dual-flush toilet and aerated faucets and showerheads, which function flawlessly and lower your utility bills.
  • Accessibility is an issue: If you’re hoping to “age in place” without moving to an assisted living facility, the addition of bath accessibility products can ensure your continued safety and independence.
  • The plumbing has problems: Watch out for plumbing issues, especially if you live in an older home. Standing water, dripping pipes, moldy smells, squishy shower tiles, and water stains on the wall and ceiling are all signs you need a bathroom remodel and plumbing repair.
  • You want to boost property value before you move: Few other home improvement projects offer a better return on investment than a bathroom remodel. You can expect to increase home value and raise your asking price, not to mention garner greater interest from potential buyers. A renovated bathroom could make your home stand out from others on the market to help you sell faster.
If you spot any of these signs you need a bathroom remodel, it’s time for a much-needed update. With solutions from Bath Planet/TN Thermal, you can get the bathroom of your dreams in as little as one day! Give us a call at 650-727-9041 to work with one of Middle Tennessee’s most trusted home improvement experts.