Now that things are finally starting to warm up and flowers are blooming, it's time to start thinking about Spring Cleaning. Just walk around your house and you will see lots of things you've turned a blind eye to this this winter. The good news is that Tennessee Thermal's energy efficient replacement windows, make spring cleaning incredibly easy. Our replacement windows are easy to open which means you can clean them from the comforts of inside your home. Our windows sashes actually open up from both sides which gives your home maximum ventilation.

If you really want to enjoy squeaky clean windows all summer long, follow these simple steps. It may be a good idea to take your screens off and spray them down with a hose. Our screens pop off very easily. Once you spray them down just prop them up against a wall and let them air dry. It's a good idea to prop them up next to the window they belong to so putting them back is a no brainer. Now for the actual cleaning of the windows. You will need some soft dry cloths and a bottle of window cleaning solution or Vinegar. No expensive cleaners needed! If you want to be environmentally friendly, Vinegar works great and you'll love the shine it leaves. That's all it takes to enjoy sparkling windows all summer long.

Here at Tennessee Thermal, our replacement windows are as energy efficient as they come. Our windows are made with foam construction which is beneficial to you because it can withstand a lot more stress compared to metal spacers. Foam also allows temperature fluctuations to not have any bearing on the comfort level inside your home. Our sound absorbing foam is excellent at blocking out any unwanted noise. Plus, our windows contain a technology that helps reduce condensation, which reduces the occurrence of dangerous mold and mildew. For years, we here at Tennessee Thermal have been providing all of Middle Tennessee with the highest quality home improvement products, including our energy efficient replacement windows. Our selection is large and includes, Double Hung, Bay, Bow, Slider, Casement, Garden, etc. If you truly want the best windows for your home, look no further than Tennessee Thermal.