Even if your bathroom is fairly clean and ordered, chances are you could find better ways to organize the seemingly countless amount of products on your countertops or in your drawers. Getting organized can not only make your time in the bathroom more productive, it can also save you time and give you peace of mind.

The sheer amount of products designed to be used in the bathroom can give any well-organized person anxiety. What makes things even worse is that all of these products need to somehow fit in the smallest room in your home. Try some of the following organization tips to get your bathroom countertops cleaned up and make things easier to find.

  • Canisters – The great thing about canisters is that they come in all shapes and sizes. A tall, skinny canister can hold a lot and not take up too much counter space. Try using canisters to store loose items like cotton swabs or cotton balls. If you want to get creative and decorative you can use fun containers like vintage tea tins or mason jars.
  • Trays – Trays are great for creating boundaries and providing a dedicated space to store certain items in. The items are still easily accessible, but your countertops will feel more organized and you’ll know where everything is, or should be. You can opt to use multiple smaller trays or one larger tray depending on how much space you need. Choose a tray that’s moisture proof and make sure you clean it occasionally. You can also place trays in bathroom drawers and you can use the same type of trays you use for silverware in the kitchen.
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