If you are thinking about putting Vinyl Siding on your home, you are on the verge of making a very wise home investment. Today's vinyl siding is a much higher quality product compared to the vinyl siding from 30 years ago. Back then, siding wasn't very energy efficient or durable. The good news is that here at Tennessee Thermal, our product is a standout from all the others. Some benefits of our Vinyl Siding is that our product is energy efficient and foam backed. It is incredibly strong. In fact, our vinyl siding will easily stand up to the strongest of winds, heavy rains and hail without flinching. Another benefit is that our foam backed vinyl siding will never peel, crack or rot. This makes it virtually maintenance free.

You will absolutely love the fact that our foam-backed vinyl siding is insulated. The other guys sell a cheaper product that is not insulated. It is hollow backed siding. So while you may save a little up front, you will not save on your energy bills. Our foam backed siding product will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the hot summer months. The cheaper, hollow backed siding will not! Ask any home improvement expert and they will all tell you that foam-backed vinyl siding is a very smart home investment. Not only will it give your home a great looking exterior, it will keep your home more comfortable and save you money in the long run!

Here at Tennessee Thermal, we have thousands of satisfied customers who are over the moon thrilled with their Foam-backed vinyl siding. We can give you as many references as you would like so you can hear firsthand about our standout product and customer service. We love our beautiful state of Tennessee and would love to come out and show you why our energy efficient, foam-backed vinyl siding is the best in the industry.