At first, you might think that your bathtub would be one of the cleanest parts of your home. It’s constantly being filled with water and soap, but unfortunately, bathtubs often get pretty dirty. That’s because bathtubs accumulate some pretty nasty elements including soap scum, grime, and mildew. You certainly wouldn’t want to take a bath in a dirty tub, so learning how to deep clean your bathtub is something everyone could benefit from.

Like with many other parts of your home, cleaning as you go is the best way to prevent needing to do a deep clean in the first place. After you use the bathtub, rinse it with warm water and wipe off any excess moisture using a soft sponge, squeegee, or microfiber cloth.

When it’s time to deep clean your bathtub, luckily you can use a common and eco-friendly ingredient which is white vinegar. Just fill a spray bottle with half vinegar and half warm water. Spray the surface of your bathtub and let it stand for 15 minutes. Wipe off the solution with a sponge or microfiber cloth and then use clean water to rinse the tub. Finally, wipe the tub down again. If your bathtub has tougher stains, you can try a few other methods.

For heavier dirt or mild stains: Sprinkle bathtub with baking soda and spray on the solution of vinegar and water. Let it bubble for several minutes and then scrub with a sponge or soft cloth, forming a paste. Let sit for 15 minutes and then wipe and rinse off.

For hard water stains: Dip paper towels in straight white vinegar and apply to stains. Let stand for an hour or two and then scrub with baking soda and vinegar paste and rinse clean.

For rust stains: Sprinkle stains with borax. Cut a lemon in half and rub stain forming a paste. Let stand for 15 to 30 minutes before wiping and rinsing.

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