A bathroom remodel doesn't have to be a terribly stressful endeavor as long as you a) hire a trusted, respected and experienced company and b) make good, solid remodel choices. If you choose a good bathroom remodeling company, A and B will always happen. Here at Tennessee Thermal, we excel at transforming bathrooms into high quality, beautiful retreats that you will absolutely love spending time in. Have you ever been to a fancy hotel that had a gorgeous bathroom that you actually enjoyed being in? We can and will transform your bathroom so that you want to spend time in it. Your guests will too.

Again, as long as you hire a top notch bathroom remodeling company, you will be making a great investment and be happy with your end result. Here are a few tips for your bathroom remodel from seasoned home improvement experts.

  • Don't cheap out on everything! Decide to splurge on one or two features. Maybe three or four if your budget allows. For example, a gorgeous vanity can really act as a focal point if you decide to spend a little extra here.
  • Only purchase quality products. (If you choose a good company, they will only carry high quality products.) Here at Tennessee Thermal, every single one of our bathroom remodeling products are made with a durable acrylic that will never crack, peel, fade or chip!
  • It's all in the small details. Choosing a curved shower rod not only ups your style game it will actually give you more space!
  • Add high end Accent tiles. Notice they are called Accent tiles. That means you don't have to use a large amount of them. Adding Mosaic or glass accent tiles to your shower will give you a gorgeous, high end look and you won't go broke because the amount that you need for an accent is small.
  • Shower storage will make or break your shower. You are not in your college dorm anymore. You need to ditch those metal storage containers that fit over your water feature and plan for built in shower storage.
  • In stock will save you money. Make sure all of your products are in stock and available. Many times, homeowners are forced to blow their budget because the products they choose are not available. Plan ahead so you don't end up being forced to choose a more expensive product just because your other one is out of stock.
  • Lifetime Warranty. If you choose a high quality company they will back up their products. Since 1995, we here at Tennessee Thermal, have backed up our high quality bathroom remodeling products with a Lifetime Warranty. From replacement bathtubs, tub to shower conversions, bath and shower liners to handicap accessible bathroom products.
If you truly want a stress free bathroom remodel, give us a call here at Tennessee Thermal. We take pride in our work and it shows. bathroom remodeling