How to tell if bathroom remodeling makes sense for your space should be a pretty simple and straightforward task. When you step inside your bathroom are you immediately disappointed by what you see? No matter which way you look, is there mold that you have scrubbed and scrubbed and you just can't seem to remove? Are their cracks and blemishes all over your shower walls and tub? The bottom line is that if the current state of your bathroom is dismal and depressing you absolutely need to update whatever is holding your bathroom back!

Here at Tennessee Thermal, we specialize in bathroom remodeling solutions that are affordable, convenient and will take your bathroom from unsightly to gorgeous in as little as a day or two. Let's say for instance that your shower floor is grimy, dull, and just unattractive no matter how hard you scrub it. We will update it with one of our sparkling and shiny replacement shower bases. You will be amazed at how getting rid of what is holding your bathroom back and upgrading it will instantly give your bathroom new life.

All of our bathroom remolding products are made with a durable acrylic that’s designed to resist cracking, peeling, fading, chipping! All you need to do is wipe our products down with a soft, damp cloth and their original shine will return. All of our products are also non porous so they naturally resist mildew and mold. We know you will absolutely love your bathroom no matter what remodeling products you choose. Each and every one of our products is among the very best of the best, which is why we back them up with a limited Lifetime Warranty. From replacement bathtubs, tub to shower conversions, bath and shower liners to handicap accessible bathroom products. Since 1995, we have carried the highest quality products. With our limited lifetime warranty, the only thing you have to lose is your ugly, depressing, and dated bathroom.