If you live in Middle Tennessee there has never been a better time to update your unsightly shower. Our shower remodeling options are tailored to give every single homeowner the perfect option to remodel their eyesore of a shower. Not every shower is ugly in the exact same areas. That's why we offer several shower remodeling options. Our shower remodels are simple and affordable, so much so that they will have you asking yourself why you waited so long to upgrade. If your shower floor is grimy, cracked, and dull, we will recommend our replacement shower base. Instantly, you will love to step into your shower instead of cringe when your feet touch the surface. Another popular option is our shower liner. It is perfect for those showers that need a little more flair.

All of our bathroom remodeling products are made out of the most durable acrylic that won’t ever fade, peel, crack, or chip. Plus, our products are non-porous so you can kiss pesky mold and mildew goodbye for good! Tennessee Thermal products are also stain and fade resistant so they will stay looking gorgeous forever. We wouldn't carry these products if they weren't the absolute best and we stand 100% behind them with a Lifetime Warranty. That gives you confidence in knowing that you are not only choosing a top-of-the-line product you are also choosing a top-notch company to do business with.

Tennessee Thermal also offers the most top of the line replacement bathtubs, tub-to-shower-conversions, and more. We also offer the highest quality, cutting edge handicap accessible options like barrier free shower bases, step-through inserts, and walk-in bathtubs. Many people ask us if their bathrooms are going to be "under construction" for weeks on end. The truth of the matter is that most of our products can be installed in one day! Since 1995, Tennessee Thermal has been providing Middle Tennessee homeowners with the very best home remodeling products and installers. That's just the way we have always done business and it's the secret to our success. shower-systems-nashville