If you are looking for a smart door that adds a great deal of natural light into your home and allows you to enjoy the great outdoors, then Sliding Doors are a great choice! Sliding Doors are a great choice if you truly love enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors without actually being outdoors! How does sitting on your couch enjoying the snow while sipping a nice hot cup of coffee sound? Pretty great, right? You see, this is the beauty of Sliding Doors. Another perk is that this particular door creates the optical illusion of there being more space in a room than actually exists. This is a really great plus if you ever try to sell your home. Buyers will love the extra light and the fact that your space seems open, airy and spacious!

Here at Tennessee Thermal, no matter what door you choose, you will get a high quality, energy efficient and extremely durable door. We only put the Tennessee Thermal name on the very best. No exceptions. ALL of our doors are high-performance exterior doors.


Remember, all of our sliding doors are customizable. Plus, our air-tight installations can help eliminate uncomfortable drafts. This is extremely important because gaps and leaks will result in you getting high energy bills. Our doors will keep your energy bills down because they are as energy efficient as they come. The extra weather stripping on our doors not only makes your home more energy efficient, but it protects your home from water and debris. We have lots of styles and colors to blend seamlessly with your home. Many of our customers tell us, they find themselves just staring outside and enjoying nature now instead of watching TV! You may just have to invest in a bird feeder because enjoying nature may just become your new favorite hobby!

 Benefits Include:

· Adds home value · Energy efficient · Extra home security · Customized · Protects from elements · Adds beauty

Beautiful, energy efficient, and incredibly durable. No matter what door you choose, as long as it has the Tennessee Thermal name on it you can rest assured that you just picked a high-quality door. That's the Tennessee Thermal difference!