If you have old windows, you have inefficient windows. There isn't any wiggle room here. You see, all windows that are old are NOT designed to be energy efficient. This just wasn't the focus years ago. Here at Tennessee Thermal, we are very proud of our honest reputation in the home improvement industry. We've earned our good name by ONLY putting our name on high quality products and by offering fair and affordable pricing.

Our vinyl window is a maintenance-free window and will single handedly make your home more comfortable and save you significantly on your heating and cooling bills. Our vinyl window is designed to keep your home nice and cool in the summer and warm and toasty in the winter months. They are specially designed to keep your expensive air inside where it belongs! Other windows are not of the same caliber. This is the major problem with other window companies. Some of these companies offer one window that is of decent quality, another that is average, and another that is cheap and not worth a dime! We here at Tennessee Thermal do NOT do business this way. We think this is extremely confusing and misleading. We guarantee that whatever window style you choose, if it carries the Tennessee Thermal name, it will be high quality and an extremely energy efficient vinyl window. If it wasn't, we simply would pass on it and NOT put our good name on it!

Replacement Windows

Aside from being extremely energy efficient and built to last, our windows are constructed with a technology that helps reduce condensation, which reduces the occurrence of dangerous mold. Mold is extremely dangerous and can lead to many health problems including asthma, allergies, and respiratory illness. Our windows are made with a foam construction that withstands more stress more than that of metal spacers. Our foam spacers allow temperature fluctuations to not affect the overall comfort inside of your home. Plus, our windows contain a sound absorbing foam that blocks out unwanted noises. Our easy to open windows allow you to clean them from inside your home. Sashes open on both sides, giving your home maximum ventilation and maximum space for an emergency exit.

Here at Tennessee Thermal, we offer a large selection of Bay, Bow, Slider, Double Hung, Casement and Garden Windows. Whatever style you choose, you can rest assured that it will be of the highest quality available. We are proud to serve the Nashville area, and to have earned the trust of our hard working customers throughout the great state of Tennessee.