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Nashville, TN Insulated Vinyl Siding Company

Increase Energy Efficiency with New Home Siding

Siding does more for Nashville homes than simply giving them a beautiful new exterior. It is primarily designed to be your home’s first line of defense against the hazards of nature. This includes protection against heat transfer. The insulated vinyl siding we carry at Tennessee Thermal effectively increases the energy efficiency of your home. This will help you save more money on your monthly utilities throughout the entire year. The secret is our siding’s contoured foam backing that provides an extra layer of insulation between the siding panel and your home. In addition to providing your home with stronger insulating qualities, the contoured foam also fills out the form of the vinyl panels to give them a stronger look of rigidity and sturdiness. It also adds to the siding’s resistance to impacts, dents, and dings, so your siding will remain beautiful well after the installation.

How Our Siding Saves You Money

The vinyl siding we offer is designed specifically to save money for homeowners in Nashville and surrounding areas. The insulated foam backing does a great deal in regards to providing savings through energy efficiency. Since our siding has an extra layer of insulation, its R-Value is raised. This means that your home will have greater protection against heat transfer, particularly conductive heat transfer. Once your home is equipped with our vinyl siding, it doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to maintain your heating and cooling needs. Additionally, the foam backing adds strength and durability to your siding so there’s less likelihood for it to become damages during strong storms or general impacts.

Expert Insulated Vinyl Siding Installations

At Tennessee Thermal, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality products and installations to the homes we service in Nashville and surrounding areas. Our insulated vinyl siding is no exception as it helps improve the energy efficiency and quality of beauty for your home. However, the high-quality of our vinyl siding can the hindered if the installation is subpar. Fortunately, every installer at Tennessee Thermal is expertly trained to perform flawless installations. This means that you never have to worry about any buckling, bubbling, warping, or any other defects from poor installation with your new siding. Enjoy a newly energy efficient home with our insulated vinyl siding. Just contact us to schedule a free consultation today.