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Bay Window Experts in Nashville and Throughout Middle Tennessee

If you’re looking to bring in natural light and really bring a room to life, look no further than a bay window from Tennessee Thermal, serving Nashville and the Middle Tennessee area. Our bay windows project outward from your home, almost giving you a sense of added square footage. Homeowners fall in love with our bay windows because they dramatically enhance the beauty and personality of your home. Installing our bay window in place of your old, leaky picture window, will be more energy efficient and reduce your utility bills. This will overtime pay back its initial cost. It’s the smartest investment homeowners in Nashville and the Middle Tennessee area can make!

 Bay Window Benefits:

  • Adds space to room
  • Adds home value
  • Window Seating
  • Adds personality
  • Captures more light
  • Energy efficient

Brighten Any Room With A Bay Window From Tennessee Thermal

Our bay windows are made from just three replacement windows. The two angled side windows are typically able to open and are angled at 30 or 45 degrees. The fixed center window is comparable to a smaller picture window. A 45-degree bay window extends out further from your house wall and provides more space for plants or a bench seat. It is more like a mini-sunroom.

Sunlight is a specialty of our bay windows, as they are expertly engineered to allow sunlight to stream into your kitchen and breakfast nook or any other room you choose. If your windows face east, of course you will get morning sunshine and if they face west, you will get afternoon sunshine. The natural light will brighten your space in a way that no lighting fixture can do. Homeowners say our bay windows are the best on the market in Nashville because they provide an open feeling to a room that used to feel closed off. Contact us today in the Nashville area to talk to one of our representatives.